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Woolvey RSS Feed
Woolvey RSS Feeds
What is an RSS feed?

In simple terms an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a list of items published in an open format that can be used by others for information or for inclusion in another format. It began as a means to publish news stories across multiple channels simultaneously, but is currently used by many websites to publish news, articles, products and other updates. It is usually used to provide a summary feed of the content of the web page it appears on.

The Woolvey RSS feeds are lists of our most recently listed products and can be customized by brand, category and number of items.

The Technology

RSS feeds are presented in XML format, a format that represents data without specifying how it should be displayed. Most modern browsers, including the latest releases of Internet Explorer and Firefox, include their own RSS style sheets, which provide a default means to display RSS feeds. These browsers also include the option of subscribing to an RSS feed. Subscribing means that the RSS feed can be stored (like favorites/bookmarks), allowing updates to be viewed without having to revisit the original website.

There are also specific RSS readers that can be installed to aggregate and view RSS feeds from a range of sources, without direct use of a web browser. These readers often provide more flexibility in handling and displaying feeds, a level of flexibility unnecessary for most people.

How To Use The Woolvey RSS Feeds

The Woolvey RSS feeds can be found in the form of a small orange RSS button at the bottom of most of our web pages that list products. For example, there is a button at the bottom of our New Arrivals page that will provide a feed of the latest 30 products we have listed. A quick way to this same feed can be found in the Information box under the heading Woolvey RSS Feed.

Using the brand or category selections to browse our products will only show those products for the respective brands and/or categories. The RSS feed button on the bottom of these pages will provide the same brand and category selections within the feed.

You can also call a feed directly from your web browser address bar or RSS reader. The URL for the Woolvey RSS feed is www.woolvey.com/rss.php.

The default number of returned items in the feed is (up to) 30, but this can be changed to up to 1000 items by appending a parameter to the end of the URL. For example, www.woolvey.com/rss.php?num=400 would return the 400 latest items and www.woolvey.com/rss.php? manufacturers_id=31&filter_id=50&num=5 would return just the latest 5 David Winter Castles listed. Please be aware that the feed will take longer to return items as more are requested.

We hope you find our new feeds useful and would welcome any feedback.

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