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David Winter Mouse & Owl Locations
As collectors of David Winter Cottages will know, David used to place a mouse or an owl in most of his sculptures. Finding the location of the mouse or owl added another element of excitement to the release of each new cottage.

The following table shows the location of the creatures for each sculpture and identifies what type of creature it is. If you have a cottage not listed below, it may be one of the few that did not include a mouse or owl.

Sculpture Location Creature
15 Lawnside Road ('94 Guild Piece) Front side, on right sidewall. Mouse
Abbey Ruins, The Left side on the windowsill. Mouse
Abbots, The Backside, on stone chimney ledge just above ridge singles. Mouse
Alan-a-Dale On rear windowsill Mouse
Alchemist's Cottage, The Right side, on the window ledge. Mouse
Alms House Front side, over the door lintel of second house. Mouse
Arches Thrice Top of wall between two buildings at the rear Mouse
Architect's, The On the tallest chimney Mouse
Artist's Studio, The Front side, on the front overhanging ledge. Mouse
Ashe Cottage (Guild Piece #16) Front side, left side of walkway - next to house. Next to front door wall Mouse
Assayers Castle Lower ledge rear right hand side Mouse
Astrologers Rear window sill at right side of bridge Mouse
Astrologer's Castle Rear of building on window sill next to door leading to walkway Mouse
At Home with Comfort and Joy Backside, at the bottom window on the windowsill. Mouse
At Rose Cottage (Scenes) Front side, left most flagstone. Mouse
At the Bakehouse (Scenes) Left side, front second step. Mouse
At the Bothy (Scenes) Left side, top of wall. Mouse
Audrey's TeaRoom Backside near top of foliage on chimney. Owl
Bakehouse, The Backside, on chimney 1" from top. Mouse
Barley Malt Kiln Left side, in foliage near root eaves. Owl
Barnacle Theatre Rear window ledge. Mouse
Beachcombers The Sat on prow of boat Mouse
Beekeepers, The (Guild Piece #11) Right side, under lower roof eaves - right side of chimney. Owl
Berkshire Milking Byre Front side, top step. Next to milk cans Mouse
Bill and Nancy's House Second floor bricked up window sill Mouse
Birdcage, The Left front, on the left-hand lowermost windowsill. Mouse
Birth Day Cottage (Arches Thwonce) Backside, in front of left side of arch. Mouse
Birthday Cottage The base of the arch at the rear on the left Mouse
Birthstone Wishing Well Backside, top of foliage on chimney. Owl
Bishopsgate Backside, left wall 2" above D.W name. Mouse
Bit of Nonsense, A Front side, left platform in grass. Mouse
Black Bess Inn, The (Guild Piece #3) Backside, top of stairs on left side. Mouse
Blossom Cottage (May) Front side, in front of right planter - on walkway. Mouse
Boat House, The (March) Right side, next to outside wall of boathouse. Mouse
Bookbinder (Bookends) Backside, left side of windowsill. Mouse
Bothy, The Backside, left side of chimney. Below base of chimney on rocks Mouse
Bottle and Glass On window sill, middle window over arch Mouse
Bottle Kilns, The Front side, left side of doorway of right kiln. Mouse
Brickies, The Front side, on the lower front window ledge. Mouse
Bridgewater On blue ribbon to the right of the "20" Mouse
Brooklet Bridge Backside, in center of tree 1", from top. Owl
Brookside Hamlet Backside, in the rocks - over 'R' in Winter. Mouse
Buckinghamshire Bull Pen Front side, on top wall right of gate. Mouse
Bull and Bush, The December Left side, on lower window ledge. Mouse
Bumble, Mr. Front side, on the right-hand windowsill above the pointed door. Mouse
Burn's Reading Room (January) Right side, on chimney cap. Mouse
Buttercup Cottage (Guild Piece #17) On back steps. Mouse
Candlemaker's (Guild Piece #12) Backside, in foliage near roofline of left house. Owl
Caret Croft Right hand side tree trunk windowsill Mouse
Casterton Railway Station Tallest chimney at rear of station Mouse
Castle Cottage of Warwick (Carnival '93) Backside, right side of doorway in ivy. 3/4 of the way up the ivy Mouse
Castle Gate On the back of the tallest turret-top edge Mouse
Castle In the Air Right side, mouse on lower battlements. Owl in foliage above. Mouse & Owl
Castle Tower of Windsor (Carnival '95) Left side, on chopping block. Mouse
Castle Wall, The Under door in the center of the piece. Mouse
Cat & Pipe, The Top of chimney. Mouse
Celebration Chapel Right side, on windowsill 2nd arched window. Mouse
Chandlery, The Backside, on windowsill. Mouse
Charcoal Burners, The At the rear on wooden beam above logs Mouse
Charles Dickens (Scene) Front side, on the left, third step from the bottom. Mouse
Cheshire Kennels Front side, on top of right wall. Mouse
Christmas Carol, A (3rd Xmas Piece) Front side. 2nd floor window on ledge. Mouse
Christmas Castle Top window sill of lower level at rear Mouse
Christmas Cottage (aka Snow Cottage) Backside, ledge on tallest chimney. Mouse
Christmas In Scotland & Hogmanay (2nd Xmas Piece) Front side, left lower window on ledge. Mouse
Christmastime Clock House, (Wenceslas Manor) Left side, first floor windowsill. Mouse
Church & Vestry, The Backside, on seventh flagstone. Mouse
Church of the Good Shepherd Front right hand side on stone sill on base of church Mouse
Citadel The Walkway to rear of building Mouse
Clinkers Cottage Rear of building on windowsill Mouse
Coal Miner's Row In cave on right side. Mouse
Coal Shed, The (Guild Piece #6) Inside left side -on floor beneath box of OXO. Mouse
Cobbler, The (Guild Piece #7) On back upper window ledge Mouse
Cob's Bakery Backside, ledge between windows. Mouse
Cockers Cottage Rear of building on windowsill above door Mouse
Constabulary, The Backside, upper left-hand windowsill. Mouse
Coopers Cottage Upstairs on first slated board (in back) Mouse
Coppicer's Cottage At the rear on windowsill above tree Mouse
Copse Chapel Side window ledge on right hand side of building Mouse
Cornish Engine House Front side, on windowsill of collapsed shed. Mouse
Cornish Harbour Front side, on second step on right set of stairs. Mouse
Cornish Tin Mine In back on rocks, below middle building Mouse
Cotswold Village Front side, on double square window of church. Mouse
Cotton Mill, The Right side. 5th step on center staircase. Mouse
Crofter's Cottage Right side, on ledge 2-1/2" from base. Mouse
Crooked House Front by the cat Mouse
Crystal Cottage Backside, on the steps. Mouse
Daresbury Castle Top of first domino near largest round tower Mouse
Delvers Cottage On floor by entrance to front door Mouse
Derby Arms, The ('96 Tour Piece) Backside, on the windowsill. Mouse
Derbyshire Cotton Mill On backside, on base of round (part of stack) Mouse
Derbyshire Dovecote Front side, on ledge in left dovecote-second row. Mouse
Devon Combe Front side, on boat seat. Mouse
Devon Creamery Front side, on top of right sidewall. Mouse
Dingle, The Left side, on the window ledge, under the roof eaves. Mouse
Diorama Rear side, top step to "The Potting Shed". Mouse
Dove Cottage Left side, next to the woman on the bench. Dog
Dragonet, The Fools Rear casement window Mouse
Ebenezer Scrooge's Counting House (1st Xmas Piece) Front side, second floor-left window ledge. Mouse
Elfin Cottage (10th Anniversary Guild Piece) Front side, on the second step down from landing with bridge. Mouse
Engine House Wall next to chimney on left Mouse
Fairytale Castle Backside, base of tallest tower. Mouse
Falstaff's Manor Front side, on lintel of lower right window. Mouse
Fezziwigs Emporium Left side on upper beam under upper window Mouse
Firewatcher's Tower Right hand side, on base sill of tower Mouse
Fisherman's Shanty Front upper door jam. Mouse
Fisherman's Wharf, The Front side, near stern of boat. Left hand chimney, left side on shingles Mouse
Flowershop, The (Guild Piece #18) Right side, on end of stone wall. Mouse
Fogarty's In middle of ivy under corner of window at rear, near back door. Owl
Forest of Dean Mine Left side, on the wooden beam below the left-hand window. Mouse
Fred's Home (5th Xmas Piece) Right building, right side, 2nd floor windowsill. Mouse
Friar Tuck's Sanctum Backside, on upper windowsill. Mouse
Friendship Cottage (Guild Special- Ltd. Ed.) End of left brick wall. Mouse
Gallows Gate Rear, two mice on bottom and top steps Mouse
Gamekeeper, The Right side, on the landing at the foot of the door. Mouse
Garden Chapel Right hand side windowsill on roofed building Mouse
Gardener's Cottage ('95 Guild Piece) Front side, base of tallest tower. Mouse
Gatekeeper's Backside, on right tour windowsill. Mouse
Gillie's Cottage Front side, in doorway of doghouse. Mouse
Glebe Cottage Front side, on sill of the right hand door. Mouse
Gloucestershire Greenhouse Right bench/shelf in greenhouse Mouse
Golf Clubhouse, The Backside on the right lower windowsill. Mouse
Good Intent, The Backside, on the lowermost center windowsill.bottom left windowsill Mouse
Grange, The Front side, second floor-right doorway. Mouse
Green Dragon Inn Near large chimney, on rock under middle window, above date. Mouse
Greenwood Wagon Backside in tree near top. Owl
Griselda's Cottage Right side, on the stone landing to the right of the door. Mouse
Grouse Moor Lodge Right side overhang in front. Mouse
Grumbleweed's Potting Shed ('95 Tour Piece) Backside, right windowsill in second row of arches. Mouse
Guano Heights Wooden walkway front right hand side Mouse
Guardian Castle Right side, middle gun embattlement. Mouse
Guardian Gate One on the flag, one back left hand windowsill. Mouse
Guards Van On rear windowsill -- large window Mouse
Guinevere's Castle Right side of piece in grass near base beside walkway. Mouse
Gunsmiths Cottage Front side, on 3rd step under archway. Mouse
Guy Falkes (November) Right side, in doorway. At base of double doors Mouse
Halidon Hill Right-hand side, on the lowest windowsill. Mouse
Hall, The Right side, on top of last block on the wall. Top of left hand wall Mouse
Hampshire Hutches Front side, on landing of right hutch. Lower right door Mouse
Harbor Master's Watchouse Upper small window ledge near base of chimney. Mouse
Harvest Barn (October) Right side, on windowsill. Mouse
Haunted House Backside, in the partially demolished wing of the mansion, on the 2nd floor baseboard you will see mouse hole with a lot of (ghost) mouse tracks in front of it. Ghost Mouse
Hereward the Wake's Castle Front side, on the first step leading upwards. Mouse
Hermit's Humble Home Backside, on top of pot beneath tree. Mouse
Hertford Court Front side, on top of right landing. Mouse
Hogmanay On sill of arched window Mouse
Holly Berry Cottage Rear window sill Mouse
Home Guard (Guild Piece #5) Left side, in gunport. Mouse
Hop Pickers, The Backside, on the top of the horizontal timber above the lowermost central window. Mouse
Hopbag and Brewhouse Top lintal above bay window at the rear Mouse
Horatio Pernickity's Amorous Intent Backside, near top of rose bush. Owl
Hornblowers At rear sitting on pipes Mouse
Hotspurs Keep Backside, on the middle landing of the stair. Mouse
House of Usher Left side, on top of the gravestone just to the left of the central fissure. Mouse
House on the Loch, The Front side, on seat of boat. Mouse
House on Top, The Front side, left lower cave. At bottom of left staircase at cave entrance Mouse
Inglenook Cottage Left side, in foliage 2" from top -near front. Owl
Irish Round Tower Left side of tower, near top of foliage. Owl
Irish Water Mill ('92 Guild Piece) Back side, in center of foliage on left side of cottage. Owl
JoAnne's Fancy Right hand side of rear door Mouse
John Benbow's Farmhouse Front side, top on top of wood pile. Mouse
Joinery Lowest front window sill Mouse
Jolly Rogers Tavern Front; right side, on post near ship. Mouse
Kelmans Cottages Rear of building on windowsill Mouse
Kent Cottage Left side, by doorframe on top of barrel. Mouse
King Richard's Bower Front side, right must stepping stone. Mouse
Kingmaker Castle, The Right side, on top of stone turret of the second level. Mouse
Knight's Castle (June) Right side, turret windowsill. Mouse
Knight's Folly Window ledge on left by the stream Mouse
Lacemaker's Cottage Backside, attic floor windowsill, by curtain Mouse
Lancashire Donkey Shed Front side, on top of hay bail. Mouse
Little John's Riverloft Left side, in stern of barge. Mouse
Lock Keepers Cottage Left side, in stern of barge. Mouse
Lodging and Seabathing Rear lower set of windows on far-left ledge. Mouse
Looking for George Casement window sill on round tower Mouse
Lover's Tryst Front side, inside barn door on the top of the middle row straw bale. Mouse
Loxley Castle Backside, on left windowsill. Mouse
Lych Gate Backside, in foliage ?" beneath cross. Owl
Mabon's House Near door on right hand side of rear battlements Mouse
Macbeth's Castle Backside, center embrasure on center tower. Mouse
Maid Marion's Retreat Front-side, on front edge of left roof. Mouse
Malting's, The Large stone above rear door frame Mouse
Market Day Backside, in bush on upper right hand side. Owl
Market Street Right chimney top. Mouse
Marquis Walter's Manor Left side, on the windowsill of the lower window. Mouse
Merlin's Castle Steps on right, facing the rear Mouse
Milestone Cottages Backside, on the wooden ledge in the center of the structure. Mouse
Millennium at Horseshoe Bay Two mice at top of the steps leading to the green door Mouse
Miss Belle's Cottage (9th Xmas Piece) Front steps, under left archway. Mouse
Mister Fezziwig's Emporium Left side, on ledge beneath right side of attic window. Mouse
Mistletoe Cottage Upper floor at the rear of building on window ledge Mouse
Model Dairy ('96 Guild Piece) Bottom of steps on left. Mouse
Moonlight Haven Right side, on ledge near top of lower chimney. Mouse
Mordred's Cottage Under banner on stone walkway at rear Mouse
Morgan Le Fay First floor window at rear Mouse
Mothers Cottage Front side, on the landing at the top of the steps. Mouse
Mr Brownlow's Lower windowsill at rear Mouse
Mr Bumble's At front of building, on window sill overhang Mouse
Mr Clinkers Rear windowsill Mouse
Mr Delvers Front doorsill Mouse
Mr. Fang the Magistrate's House Rear of building on window sill above archway Mouse
Much's Mill Left side of bottom front step. Mouse
Murphy's Backside near top of foliage on chimney. Owl
Myton Tower Right side, on coping stone on the wall at the left. Mouse
Newtown Mill House On steps at right. Mouse
Observatory, The Front side, on the ledge by the door housing the dome. Mouse
October Gales On boards on the front lawn Mouse
O'Donovan's Castle Backside, in foliage on tower ?" from top of bush. Owl
Old Distillery', The Backside, base of tallest chimney. Mouse
Old Joe's Beetling Shop Left side, left corner five rows of bricks above water. Owl
On the Riverbank ('93 Guild Piece) Front side, mouse right 1st floor windowsill and an Owl in flight. Mouse & Owl
One Acre Cottage Back, left side on first step Mouse
One Man Jail Backside, near top of right side tree. Owl
One-Acre Cottage Backside, bottom step on left. Mouse
Only A Span Apart Backside, top of foliage near left comer of back building. Owl
Orchard Cottage Right side, on top of wall. Mouse
Oxfordshire Goat Yard Front side, on roof of small shed. Mouse
Parish School, The Backside, on the top of the curved window lintel. Mouse
Park, The Backside, on top quoin coping stone to right of the arched window. Mouse
Parsonage, The Right side, steeple windowsill. Mouse
Patrick's Watermill (Dealer's '92 Guild Piece) Backside, in center of foliage on left side of cottage. Owl
Pavilion, The (Guild Piece #4) Backside, right corner of the steps. Mouse
Penny Wishing Well Backside, in foliage on right side of well. Owl
Pen-Y-Graig Right side, in left cave. Mouse
Pershore Mill ('91 Guild Piece) Front side, center attic windowsill above hoist. Mouse
Phantom's Ruin Right hand top rear window sill Mouse
Pilgrims Rest Rear top windowsill on brown beam Mouse
Plough Farmstead (Guild Piece #19) Windowsill on back. Mouse
Plucked Ducks, The ('90 Guild Piece) On farthest right windowsill Mouse
Plum Cottage Backside, left side of doorjamb. Mouse
Porridge Pot Alley Arch Alley side, behind oats bag. Mouse
Porter's Lodge Rear windowsill, right hand side Mouse
Post Office, The Right side of stone wall. Mouse
Potted Shrimp, The Sill of lower casement window, rear of building Mouse
Pottery, The (Guild Piece #8) Backside, beneath chimney pot. Mouse
Potting Shed, The Backside, base of right bush. Owl
Poultry Ark Front side, left side of bush. Owl
Premier Dealers/Stockist Plaque Front & back sides, under door -tail in front, head in back. Mouse
Primrose Cottage Backside, at the base of the brick wall under the window box on the left. Mouse
Printer, The (Bookend Piece) Right side, front attic windowsill. Mouse
Priory of the Lost Souls, The Left hand side, first ledge under the second tower Mouse
Privy, The Right side, in foliage near privy wall, 3rd slat down Owl
Pudding Cottage (April) Front side, On attic windowsill. Mouse
Punch Stables (Guild Piece #20) Windowsill of hayloft on back. Mouse
Quack's Cottage Backside, fourth stone. Mouse
Queen Elizabeth Slept Here (Guild Piece. #2) Right side, 6th step from base -on right side of stairs. Mouse
Quindene Manor Front wall right side below bay window. Mouse
Recluses, The Sat on wooden cross beam at rear Mouse
Rectory, The Backside, last flagstone on right. Mouse
Refectory, The Middle wooden beam on right hand side of front door Mouse
Repunzel's Window ledge next to "The Plait" Mouse
Robin Hood's Hideaway (Guild Piece #1) Right side, in knot hole in tree. Mouse
Rochester Castle Backside, in the snow at the foot of the tower to the right of buttress. Mouse
Royal Box, The Windowsill on left hand side above the awning Mouse
Saddle Steps Backside, center of tree ?" from top. Owl
Sawmill, The Front side, on the wall to the right. Mouse
Scottish Crofter's Halfway up right side of rear rock ledge. Mouse
Scrooge's Family Home (8th Xmas Piece) Right side, second floor windowsill. Mouse
Scrooge's Family Home (Plaque) Right side, second windowsill. Mouse
Scrooge's School (6th Xmas Piece) Backside, in foliage on chimney -l" from bush top. Owl
Secret Shebeen Left side, in right most foliage -1/2" from top. Owl
Seminary, The Backside, on left side of roof. Mouse
Serf's Cottage Left side, on the upper landing, toward the rear of the building. Mouse
Sexton, The Right side, on top windowsill. Mouse
Sherwood Forest Diorama Backside, in cave on the left at the top of rope ladder next to sword. Mouse
Shropshire Pig Shelter Front side, on top of 3rd log from the left. Mouse
Signal Box Rear windowsill, right hand side Mouse
Sir Percival's Right hand window sill Mouse
Sir Tristin's Above front door, on second floor window ledge Mouse
Smithy, The Right side, on top of landing. Mouse
Smuggler's Creek Front side, on top of horizontal rock above center pinnacle. Mouse
Snow Cottage Backside, ledge on tallest chimney. Mouse
Solent Fortress On left cannon cover Mouse
Spencer Hall Gardens Back, middle window ledge. Mouse
Spring Hollow Right side, on wall of pond. Mouse
Squire's Hall Right side, beneath chimney pots. Mouse
St. Barbara's Left hand side, window sill right hand side window by the door Mouse
St. Anne's Well (July) Left side, top of lower wall. Mouse
St. Christopher's Church Backside, on the windowsill of the pointed window above the door. Mouse
St. George's (and the Dragon) Castle Backside, coiled around tallest tower. Dragon
St. George's Church Left side, top chimney beam Mouse
St. Joseph's Right side, on the low wall near the church door. Mouse
St. Stephen's Ledge of large window on back. Mouse
Staffordshire Stable Right side, on top of wall - in front of cat. Mouse
Staffordshire Vicarage (September) Backside, on ledge - in center of building. Mouse
Stained Glass Studio Right gable windowsill Mouse
Stale Ale Right hand side windowsill behind beer barrel Mouse
Stationmaster's House Top step going down to the rear of building Mouse
Stonecutters Cottage (February) Front side, right corner of center chimney. Mouse
Stork Cottage (Boy & Girl) Right side, upper windowsill. Mouse
Street Scene ('89 Guild Piece) Front side, center-right building - front windowsill. Mouse
Suffolk Gardens Front side, on greenery between the main building under the archway. Mouse
Suffolk House Top of round vent, right side. Mouse
Sunday School Left side, on the windowsill. Mouse
Swan Upping Cottage (Guild Piece #14) Backside, on chimney angle. Mouse
Sweet Dreams Backside, on windowsill of center arch. Mouse
Sweetheart Haven Right side, on bench. Mouse
Tamar Cottage Backside, in small cave on the right. Mouse
Tannery', The Backside, on the left-hand windowsill. Mouse
Tartan Teahouse Right side, on beam over arch. Mouse
Thameside (Guild Piece #13) Right side, on the bay window roof, by flower box Mouse
There was A Crooked House Front side, right of cat. Mouse
There was A Narrow House Backside, on the left of the archway. Mouse
Thornhill Chapel Backside, on the stone doorsill at the door on the left. Mouse
Tickled Trout, The Front side, on the left-hand lowermost boxed out windowsill. Mouse
Tilemakers The Second floor windowsill at rear Mouse
Tiny Tim Right side, top floor, boarded up window on the second board from the top right hand side. Mouse
Tiny Tim Plaque Front side, second floor right hand windowsill. Mouse
Tollkeeper's Cottage Front side, on foot bridge over water. Mouse
Tomfool's Cottage (Guild Piece #9) Backside, on top of foundation wall. Mouse
Tom's Yard Front side, on the top of the right-hand gateway pillar coping stone. Mouse
Toymaker's, The Second floor windowsill, left side. Mouse
Treasures of Egypt Rear of building, right hand side window sill, near archway Mouse
Treehouse Rear window ledge to the right of chimney Mouse
Trinity Lighthouse Backside, on the lowest windowsill on the left. Mouse
Triple Oast Left Oast, left corner of Oast. Mouse
Truffleman's cottage Right side, on the third step down from the top landing. Mouse
Tudor Manor House On railing of front balcony. Mouse
Tyddyn Siriol Right side, on upper landing. Mouse
Village Scene ('87/'88 Guild Piece) Front side, on right building's third floor windowsill. Mouse
Village, The Right side, top of first barrel. Mouse
Waterfront Market Front counter ledge under awning. Mouse
Watts Cottage Windowsill above brown front door Mouse
Welcome Home Cottage Bottom left of windowsill. Mouse
Welsh Pig Pen Backside, near top of bush. Owl
Welstead Cottage Ledge above casement window Mouse
Whileaway Cottage (Guild Piece #15) Right side, on bench in chimney breast. Mouse
Whisper Cottage Backside, lower windowsill. Mouse
Will Scarlett's Den Backside, on windowsill. Mouse
Will-O-The Wisp (Guild Piece #10) Backside, right building - second floor windowsill. Mouse
Willow Gardens Left side, on edging over window. Mouse
Wiltshire Waterwheel Front side, on top of river wall. Mouse
Winter Arch ('94 Tour Piece) Backside, above ball in wall. Owl
Wintershill (Jim'll Fix It) Backside, beneath chimney pots. Mouse
Winterville Square Front side, at foot of right hand bridge abutment. Mouse
Wishing Falls Cottage Front side, in ivy under initial plaque. Mouse
Witches Castle Front side, on the balcony above the front door. Mouse/Rat
Woodcutter's Cottage Right side, on branch beneath left corner of upper house. Mouse
Wrecker's Cottage Backside, in the center underneath the log support. Mouse
Y Ddraig Goch Front side, in front of right side's left porch column. Mouse
Ye Merry Gents Lodgings Front side, in front of chimney stack. Mouse
Yorkshire Sheepfold Front side, on left corner of wall. Mouse

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