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Colour Box Miniatures
Colour Box is a Scottish company, founded by artist, Peter Fagan. Peter and several other artists created a number of collections of miniature figurines under the Colour Box umbrella, including Pennywhistle Lane, Hop Scotch Miniatures and Personality Pups.

The Colour Box brand was first used in 1983, when Peter Fagan launched the Home Sweet Home and Hop Scotch miniatures collections. From this point onward, the company used the name Colour Box for most new releases, although the company name was not officially changed from Bronze Age to Colour Box until 1988.

Peter established his Bronze Age company in 1973, when he relocated to Scotland from his prior home in southern England. He initially had some success selling, as the company name would suggest, figurines made from bronze. As the market for bronze began to wane, the company shifted to producing painted ceramic resin pieces and the rebranding to Colour Box was a natural consequence of this change.

One of the items Colour Box is best known for is miniature teddy bears. Peter's wife at the time, Frances, was a big fan of teddy bears and liked to collect old bears. While on vacation in Belgium in 1987, Peter and Frances purchased 4 old bears from an antique store. They named them Robert, Peregrine, August String Bear and Gustav von Bruin. Deciding to sculpt miniature versions of their teddy bear collection led to the Colour Box Teddies series, launched toward the end of 1987. All four of the bears purchased in Belgium can be found in this series, along with many others from their extensive teddy bear collection. Each bear is crafted to retain the charm and character of the original and comes with a unique backstory developed from the imagination of Frances Fagan.

In Jun 1987, just prior to the launch of the teddies collection, the Colour Box Collector's Club was launched. Membership included a newsletter, Colour Box Collector, and access to member exclusives. Frances helped with the newsletter initially but, in 1989, she officially became the full time editor and took on much greater responsibility for the running of the club.

1989 was a huge year for the company. A Colour Box visitor center was opened in Lauder on Jul 8, 1989. It was opened in the oldest building in town, known as the "Old Smiddy". The Colour Box brand also received a new logo and packaging. Wooden bases were introduced to better present the figurines and a UK tour, including painting demonstrations, was successfully conducted.

Additional sculptors were added to the Colour box family, including Malcolm Bowmer, Dennis Fairweather, Janet Miller and Annie Marie Leopold. This caused some confusion, as Peter Fagan and Colour Box had become somewhat synonymous. To get around the confusion, a sister company was created, called Cavalcade, for collections from the other artists. This only lasted until 1995, when the 2 companies were merged again into Colour Box.

In the following few years, things continued to expand, with new collections, Colour Box pictures, postcards and greeting cards, as well as hardback guides and story books. The Collector's Club newsletter was renamed to Collections & Reflections in 1991 and a new collector's club was launched in the Netherlands. 1993 saw an additional Collector's Clubs launched for Australia and New Zealand.

The 1990s were generally good for Colour Box, but as the millennium came to a close, so did the company. Inexpensive imports from other countries impacted the demand for Colour Box products and this coincided with some health issues for Peter. After a very brief and unsuccessful experiment with using Far East production, the doors of the business were closed in 2000. Peter has since returned to sculpting new pieces under his own name on a much smaller scale and still does so today.

After the liquidation of Colour Box, the brand was purchased by The Yarto Group, who continued to issue new collections under the Colour Box name.

During the pre-Yarto years, the Colour Box company was responsible for the production and sale of the following Peter Fagan brands and collections:
Adorables Baby Animals Home Sweet Home
Hop Scotch Minis The Mutts Celebration Cakes
Colour Box Teddies Tableaux Personality Pups
Edward Bear Collection Frou-Frou Collection Pennywhistle Lane
Arthur the Cat Centimental Bears Good Golly
Oxford Bear Collection Animal Antics Craggley Boggs
Tatty Teddy The Tales of Monty Bear Razzle Golly
String Things Wombles George and Company Balmoral Bears

As well as these collections, there were additional promotional series and special collections for companies like Steiff Bears, The English Teddy Bear Company, British Airways, Barclaycard Profiles, Boyd's Bears, Lawleys and Hermann. Bears were also crafted to represent the teddy bears of UK celebrities, to benefit the Society of Stars charity.

The Adorables brand is the US equivalent of Colour Box. The early US distributor, Anna-Perenna Inc, determined this name would be more appropriate to the US market. In 1994, Enesco became the US distributor for Colour Box products and the name Adorables was replaced with Pennywhistle Lane. The name Centimental Bears was used for Colour Box bears.

Additional brands and collections from other Colour Box artists include:
Bear and Me Little People The Legend of the Woodland Folk
Guardian Angels Down On The Farm Fortune Fairies
World of Krystonia British Blighters Fairweather
Mr Stubbs The Cheddars Beasties of the Kingdom
Eggbert and Friends Bear Facts Bugs Bunny & Friends
Dragon Keep Early Days In The Doghouse
Perrfect Pets Secrets of the Forest The Bogeymen
The Class The Herd Town and Country Collection
Whiskers Cats and Dogs Bearies

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