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Blumenkinder and Kinderland
This article provides information about the 2 popular series of Goebel Company figurines inspired by the artwork of Lore Hummel; Blumenkinder & Kinderland.

These series of figurines were modeled by Goebel Master Sculptor, Gerhard Bochmann, who worked closely with Lore, a Bavarian author and illustrator of children's books.


The Blumenkinder (Flower Children) range includes 58 figurines issued between 1966 and 1982. They were issued in seven editions, as follows:
  • Edition 1: 1966: 12 figurines
  • Edition 2: 1969: 12 figurines
  • Edition 3: 1972: 8 figurines
  • Edition 4: 1976: 8 figurines
  • Edition 5: 1978: 6 figurines
  • Edition 6: 1980: 6 figurines
  • Edition 7: 1982: 6 figurines
A noticeable characteristic of the Blumenkinder series is the presence of flowers, usually on the base and often also in the form of a bouquet or other decorative accent. What makes this series unique is that each of the petals and leaves is created as an individual entity and applied by hand. This feature makes the figurines more lifelike, but also adds to the delicacy of the final piece.

In 1969 a technical change was made to the base of the Blumenkinder figurines. Prior to the change, the base was solid. After the change, the base was produced with a hole in the center.

Blumenkinder figurines were made in limited editions of 2,000 pieces. Each one included a "collector's registration card", which could be returned to Goebel to receive a certification of ownership. The certificate would state your name as the official owner and the specific number of your figurine. Your ownership details would also be recorded at the Goebel factory in Rodental. From the 4th edition, the figurines were stamped with their unique number, but earlier editions had no such designation of their limited edition status.

The nature of Blumenkinder figurines appeals to a broad spectrum of collectors and the combination of the limited quantities and the highly detailed handcrafting of each one has helped maintain and increase the value of these figurines in the 40+ years since they were first created.

It is not unusual to find these figurines on the secondary market with small chips to the delicate floral arrangements. Even many owners are unaware their figurine has a missing or broken leaf or petal. The petals and leaves tend to stick out and may get caught on the fabric of clothing or even in packaging materials. They may easily be broken off without knowing. Because it is so easy to break the detailed flowers and most breaks are not obvious, minor hard-to-see chips to Blumenkinder figurines are more acceptable than they are in many other types of figurines (like M.I.Hummels, for example) and such flaws tend to have less impact on the value than you would normally expect.


The Kinderland (Child Country) series was produced in an open edition (i.e. not in a pre-defined limited production period or limited quantities). They were less intricate and smaller than their cousins, the Blumenkinder. 24 Kinderland figurines were issued in 2 editions as follows:
  • Edition 1: 1978: 12 figurines featuring children in pastoral settings
  • Edition 2: 1984: 12 figurines featuring children in a nativity setting
Kinderland figurines do not feature flowers, as Blumenkinder do, and they are crafted in a simpler fashion without any really delicate parts. It is therefore more likely that you will find these figurines in perfect condition.

The Kinderland theme was extended to a series of 6 annual plates, called "Christmas in Kinderland" in 1982. One plate was issued each year until 1987.

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