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Pennywhistle Lane  Manufacturers & Brands
The Pennywhistle Lane collection is a collection of miniature figurines from Colour Box Miniatures. The collection was first issued in 1993, the company's 10th anniversary year, in the UK.
Centimental Bears  Manufacturers & Brands
The Centimental Bears collection is a collection of miniature figurines from Colour Box Miniatures and Enesco. The collection was introduced in 1994 in the US. It is a collection of teddy bear figurines, based on equivalent pieces issued in the UK under the name of the Colour Box Teddy Collection.
Colour Box Miniatures  Manufacturers & Brands
Colour Box Miniatures is a Scottish company, founded by artist, Peter Fagan. Peter and several other artists created a number of collections of miniature figurines under the Colour Box umbrella, including Pennywhistle Lane, Hop Scotch Miniatures and Personality Pups.
Ivy & Innocence  Manufacturers & Brands
Ivy & Innocence is a range of collectibles from Cast Art Industries. Based on the ideas and artwork of Susan Reader, it is a Victorian Village collection of buildings, people and accessories.
Midwest of Cannon Falls  Manufacturers & Brands
Midwest of Cannon Falls was established in 1952 by Ken Althoff. Ken was a Lutheran Pastor, who was forced to give up his ministry when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).
Friends of the Feather  Manufacturers & Brands
Friends of the Feather is a collection of figurines and other collectibles inspired by the spirituality and culture of Native American history. The collection was created for Enesco by Karen Hahn.
Calico Kittens  Manufacturers & Brands
The Calico Kittens collection is a range of cat figurines and other cat collectibles designed for Enesco by artist Priscilla Hillman, who is better known for creating the Cherished Teddies collection.
Foundations Collection  Manufacturers & Brands
The Foundations Collection is a series of figurines and collectibles to accessorize the home with beauty and inspirational messages. The collection was designed by Karen Hahn for Enesco and launched in January 2002.
Dreamsicles  Manufacturers & Brands
Dreamsicles is a range of figurines and related collectibles created by artist Kristin Haynes. It includes inspirational and adorable cherub and animal collectibles.
Nina & Marco Collection  Manufacturers & Brands
Nina & Marco is a collection of porcelain figurines of children and related items, designed by Julia E. Limpke for Goebel. They are characterized by large eyes and gentle facial expressions, reflecting the innocence and exuberance Julia sees in her own children and their friends.
History of Avon Products  Manufacturers & Brands
The Avon business was established in 1886 by David H. McConnell. At the time, David was working for the Union Publishing House of Chicago and the Avon business was nothing more than a home kitchen-laboratory making 5 perfumes.
Bunnykins History  Manufacturers & Brands
Bunnykins began as a range of nurseryware from Royal Doulton in 1934. Since then, figurines and other tableware were added to the collection. The figurine line is famous for rabbits representing historical, cultural and professional characters.
Bing & Grondahl History  Manufacturers & Brands
Bing & Grondahl is a Danish pottery company formed in 1853 by Frederik Vilhelm Grondahl and brothers, Meyer Herman and Jacob Herman Bing. It is known worldwide for its high quality porcelain and stoneware, tableware and decorative items. The company was acquired in 1987 by Royal Copenhagen.
Maud Humphrey Bogart Collection  Manufacturers & Brands
The Maud Humphrey Bogart Collection was introduced in 1988 by Hamilton Gifts Ltd, based upon the water color illustrations of Maud Humphrey Bogart. It included detailed figurines and gift accessories. The collection was retired in 1994.
Charming Tails History  Manufacturers & Brands
The Charming Tails collection of figurines and other collectibles was created by artist Dean Griff. They feature his original artwork and designs of a small group of woodland animals who live in the whimsical village of Squashville.
Memories of Yesterday  Manufacturers & Brands
The Memories of Yesterday collection from Enesco was introduced in 1988. It is a collection of porcelain bisque figurines based on the illustrations of the British artist Mabel Lucie Attwell (1879-1964).
Enesco History  Manufacturers & Brands
Enesco is a designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of giftware and collectibles. This article describes highlights of their business from inception to the present day.
History of the Dolfi Company  Manufacturers & Brands
The Dolfi Company is an Italian company, based in South Tyrol, famous for its original wood carved figurines.
Reco History  Manufacturers & Brands
Reco International was founded in 1967 by Heio W. Reich. It began as an importer of European porcelain collectibles but is today better known for its kitchenware, including brands like Romertopf, Nature's Oven and Recoware.
Pretty as a Picture History  Manufacturers & Brands
The Pretty as a Picture brand, which includes porcelain bisque figurines, collector plates, musicals, photo frames, ornaments, plaques and mugs, was produced and distributed by Enesco. This now retired collection is inspired and based upon the photography of European photographer Kim Anderson.
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 29 articles) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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